The Kite Project is a music EP in the making… and more.

This is where you join in on our 2D heroes’ journey.

Look familiar? The characters MAY bear SOME resemblance to Annemarie Mayo, Luke Grech, Joseph Axiak, Janice Ellul, Cheyenne Belle Xuereb and Lesnich Vassallo but this is pure coincidence, we assure you. Pinky swear.

Supported by the Malta Arts Fund.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Annemarie,
    How’s it going, we met at the Neil Gaiman talk earlier this week in the torrential rain. Completely blown away by the kite project! Just wow! Get in touch, it’d be nice to meet up for a coffee sometime. šŸ™‚ my email’s below. Take care.

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