An open letter to


I’ve hated you since day one. Ask Cheyenne – she will vouch for me. You believe you are a legal website – and that you are not responsible if your site is abused. Well, bullshit, I say. This is not 2001. Even Youtube has structures which prevent cyber bullying, through peer control, a downvoting system and reporting (which is actually seen to).

Some say that people should learn to deal with hate. Well, some are not as strong as others. They don’t deal. Deprived and attention-hungry, they turn to these sites because they are missing something. Your lack of structures has made you an ENABLER. You sit back, enjoy traffic and just let this go on, washing your hands of any responsibility. Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Shame.

One day ill-structured sites which enable cyber bullying will be made illegal, so I guess it’s all a waiting game.

Until then,



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